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OnSite DLT is a modular and flexible mobile management, inspection and reporting solution that addresses the needs of a wide range of sectors. Combining real-time management of remote workforce, paperless inspection and reporting, photo/video user generated content (UGC) all encompassed with an audited proof of work underwritten by the immutability of blockchain.

We meet the demands of businesses who require secure, real-time auditing and administration of field operatives and assets with the confidence of knowing that each inspection and report submitted comes with it own audit trail showing time of submission, a geographic location tag and an immutable copy of documents and UGC, not only showing that the inspection took place (proof of work), but that the report hasn’t been tampered with. Best of all, our solution works with any internet-connected device – from smartphones to feature-phones to tablets and laptops.

OnSite DLT is a truly scalable solution it is compatible with the smallest to largest of organisations. As a fully paperless system, every part of your operation from scheduling resource to timesheets and inspections to holiday booking are handled by our easy to use solution, delivering comprehensive features to systematically manage and replace paper-based activities and processes OnSite DLT can be used to automate a large variety of business processes from validating the allocation of correctly trained resource, to automated scheduling of corrective actions and notifications.


Efficiency Gain for Inspections

Up to 70% efficiency improvement for inspection reports completed via mobile device.


Time saving for Timesheeting

During trials Users reported reconciliation now a few hours per month from 6 days/month.


Time saving for Holiday Booking

Clients report time savings with paperless holiday booking and manager approval process.


Immutable Proof of Work in Blockchain

Reports immutably stored in Blockchain, not only proving the inspection took place, but that the report hasn’t been altered.


Explore the key elements of OnSite DLT below.

Centralised Management

Central Management

Manage your resource, simplifying scheduling with suitability and availability algorithms ensuring only the most suitable individual is assigned, automated time recording systems reduce timesheet consolidation to a click of a button.

Mobile Working

With our workforce management module, we make it easy for your remote operatives to receive their work schedule and quickly report status and activity in real-time, each activity time stamped and geo-tagged to provide a complete and auditable record of their workday.

Mobile Working


Fully customisable Form Builder allows bespoke Checklists and Worksheets to be created as required for all Inspection or Reporting tasks. Fully integrated blockchain functionality ensures all reports are immutably stored along with time, geographic location and operative details, providing audited Proof of Work

Employee Training

Training is an important element of all businesses. Keeping track of who has attended what courses can often be a chore, as is keeping track of what is the minimum training requirements for your client sites. Our simple tool keeps track of all this and automatically ensures only trained operatives can be allocated to a task.

Employee Training
Human Resources

Human Resources

Integrating standard HR management tools with automated tools to manage Visas, Student working, etc. ensuring only appropriate personnel are available to work. Automated holiday booking / authorisation that links directly to the Resource schedule, ensuring everyone knows an individual’s whereabouts.

Process Automation

With the ability to automate and simplify many of your day to day tasks, we can remove the paper and introduce in-app approvals, and on glass signatures, providing an auditable process that sends automatic notifications to all concerned.

Process Automation
Finance and Payroll

Finance and Payroll

With the capability to connect to virtually all accounting and reporting systems, your ability to process and create a secure, financial picture in real-time is enhanced, saving you valuable data-processing time. Automated timesheet process incorporated rates of pay provides simply Payroll processing.

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See how our client FireDoor Guardian Ltd uses OnSite DLT to perform FDIS standard Fire Door inspections


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